You're probably coming from a creative Facebook group. Just keep sharing! You're right where we need you.

Please, please stop hiding

Experts are sharing their creative process online. For free. And somehow, those guys and gals are more successful than ever.

Like me, they probably feared that everybody would steal their stuff and they’d be left with nothing but old knowledge. But they took a chance, and we’re all in a better place for it. But I still see an alarming number of people who aren’t embracing this trend. They’re still crouching in their cave, clinging onto their ideas. I guess this is a sort of pitiful message to those people: Please, please stop hiding.

If you’re in a creative field, I admire you, and the next time we meet you’re entitled to a coffee on me. You’re in a field where selling your craft doubles its value, because unlike a doctor or a pilot, you sell ideas. And when you sell an idea, you share it while retaining it for yourself.

I’ll bet you’re a perfectionist. Most of us are, we creatives. And we usually say it with a mix of pride and humiliation. We strive towards the best we can do, but to a fault. Always spending just a little too much time on the sliders. Well, I don’t think that fault lies in ourselves. Our ideals are just set inhumanly high by the culture around us. When we look at the masters of our field, we don’t get to see the pain and hard work they went through. Their idea of perfection may have taken two hundred hours and a crew of fifteen people, but we don’t see the difficulty budget. All we see is the glossy product shot, and we are left dispirited, tweaking those sliders hours on end.

We might feel that we’re failing as artists because perfection takes so long for us. But then we see a five hour long video detailing the entire process, from start to finish. We follow the master through research, creative block, problem solving, and refinement.

The internet is allowing our workplace to become a bit more transparent, and a bit less disheartening for everyone. With creator-focused platforms like Gumroad, it’s so easy to justify sharing your knowledge. And then we all grow. We’re in the only field where giving away our product doubles its value. So let’s try to share as much as we can. I promise it’s worth it.